Finding and choosing an agent

Getting an agent may seem like hard work because you may get scared that they might not accept you. Be rest assured that there’s an agent waiting somewhere to have your talent and build that talent with you. There are several places where you can find agents. They include art galleries, art shows, through the internet, buyers of your work, and even friends you have as artists.
Another task that may seem difficult is getting the right agent from the lists of agents you have acquired. There are few steps to follow below

  1. Getting an agent that doesn’t charge you too much at the beginning. There’s no guarantee that an agent would make you so much, so it is not advisable to pay a huge sum of money to someone who wouldn’t make you anything.
  2. Meeting several agents personally will give you more insight into what they like and what their interests are. That way, you would know if they’re the right match for you.
  3. Communicating with them through their emails will also help you determine if they’re interested in you or not.